Multiple clamping on 5-axis machine


Your Benefits

doubble dash gressel

with our 5-axis multiple clamping

Multiple clamping for fewer tool changes and longer spindle running times on 5-axis machines.
Best accessibility for short tools.

Gressel 5-Achs Mehrfachspannung Pyramiden

Pyramids fit with C2, C3 centering vises and SC2 single vises, solinos

Advantages that will
inspire you

✓ Increase machine runtimes
with 5-axis pyramids

✓ Reduce setup time
with zero point clamping system gredoc

✓ OP 10 and OP 20
on a pyramid with C2 centering vise and SC2 single vise

✓ CAD Models
by GRESSEL for CAD/CAM systems

✓ 2-fold, 3-fold, 4-fold pyramids
in various versions

✓ Equip pyramids
with centering vises C2, C3 and single vise SC2, solinos

doubble dash gressel

Gressel Pyramids multiple clamping on 5-axis machines in action