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Get the maximum out of your production! With GRESSEL clamping technology you increase your productivity

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too few machines spindle running times

E.g. no multiple clamping, no workpiece automation,... We show you how you can increase your machine spindle running times with our clamping technology.

too many unproductive hours

E.g. conversion times too long, handling awkward,... With us you will find products with easy handling, quick change jaws, easy conversion with the zero point clamping system gredoc.

too unflexible clamping technology

E.g. no 6 sides machining, no jaw variety,... Get to know our product variety, 100 years GRESSEL from workshop equipment to automation.

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Personal and individual advice from GRESSEL distributions engineers
Experienced GRESSEL technicians support you personally and with great commitment


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Selection of the right clamping technology for you
In our large clamping technology construction kit you will find the most suitable clamping technology for you

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Buying directly is too risky for you? With us you can test in advance which GRESSEL clamping device is 100% suitable for the task and for you

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Get the maximum out of your production! With GRESSEL clamping technology, you increase your productivity and reduce your workpiece production costs. At GRESSEL, you will always find the best suitable clamping vice for your task.

Reduce the workload of your employees and cut your production costs! We are your clamping technology partner for all automation types. GRESSEL workholding technology for pallet automation, robot direct loading, workpiece automation R-C2, tombstones...

Benefit from the knowledge of our experts! In the GRESSEL blog you can read their best advice every week, for example, how to increase machine spindle running times or reduce set-up times and, of course, many exciting customer examples...

Swiss tradition for 100 years: proven, robust, without abrasion! Workbench vice PS, workbench vice AX, drill press vice ecopos mechanical and pneumatic as well as our profile bending vice HB.


Here you will find interesting weekly articles on the topics of workpiece clamping technology, GRESSEL products in practice, milling machine automation and exciting company information.

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