Produktschulung Maschinenschraubstoecke
Enter a new age of training with us at the GRESSEL Academy.

Our academy

The GRESSEL Academy!

We are there for you: be it product or training related. Both must generate added value for you to achieve success. You can look forward to our concept, which is varied and practical: the GRESSEL Academy.

Our training program with a high practical relevance is designed in such a way that you can optimally integrate what you have learned into your everyday work with little time expenditure.
The program includes many exciting as well as diverse practical examples so that you can get even more out of your GRESSEL clamping equipment!

Now more than ever...

Benefit from speakers with practical experience who will answer your questions expertly and competently.

Highest productivity, flexibility and reliability are more important than ever in the current difficult times. Use the time now to keep your business fit. Experience a new form of customer consulting.

The GRESSEL Academy offers you several possibilities for an optimal and need-oriented training:

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