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With our Machine vise

Mechanical machine vise with infinitely variable force adjustment from 10% to 100% of the clamping force with only 1 crank turn and always the same crank end position. Fast clamping range adjustment via locking pin. GRESSEL high pressure vises proven and known for over 60 years.

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Advantages that will inspire you

✓ Strong and rotating clever
one turn of the crank is enough to achieve 10% to 100% clamping force

✓ What keeps tight, lives longer
no wear, no service. Protection against undesirable influences due to fully encapsulated force and adjustment mechanism.

✓ Universal and efficient
flexible application possibilities thanks to sophisticated, compact design
Lowest maintenance costs, large spans, extensive accessories and wide range of jaws

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Our designs

Machine vise grefors
Important data at a glance

BaugrösseSpannkraftMasse (Grundkörper)Spannbereich maximalGewicht
grefors 1004 – 30 kN342 x 100 x 52 mm0 – 159 mm20 kg
grefors 100-VS4 – 30 kN342 x 100 x 52 mm0 – 278 mm21 kg
grefors 100 verlängert4 – 30 kN871 x 100 x 52 mm0 – 509 mm40 kg
grefors 1254 – 40 kN400 x 152 x 62 mm0 – 201 mm27 kg
grefors 125-VS 4 – 40 kN400 x 152 x 62 mm0 – 338 mm28 kg
grefors 125 verlängert4 – 40 kN994 x 125 x 62 mm0 – 611 mm54 kg
grefors 1605 – 60 kN544 x 160 x 78 mm0 – 300 mm55 kg
grefors 160-VS5 – 60 kN544 x 160 x 78 mm0 – 338 mm57 kg
grefors 160 verlängert5 – 60 kN1334 x 160 x 78 mm0 – 850 mm108 kg

Two clamping options

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The right clamping device
for your tasks

The grefors offers the following options for mounting on the machine table integrated in the machine vise. Optional: positioning and mounting holes on customer request.

Alignment by precision sliding blocks
Alignment by precision slot nuts on the slot table with longitudinal or transverse slot 20H7 in the base body

Clamping with fitting screws
Clamping with screws through the base body or laterally with clamping claws

doubble dash gressel

Gressel machine vise grefors in action

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