Beat the same beat as a team!

24 / 09 / 2021

Beating the same beat as a team!

Last Thursday we had our staff event, finally we could talk to all our co-workers again.
Thanks to our strict safety concept, personal contact was possible without any problems.

The staff gathered in front of the community centre in Aadorf at 1 pm.

At the beginning there was information about the current company situation of GRESSEL AG, future prospects, investments were presented as well as the entries and exits were acknowledged. Afterwards the managing director Jörg Maier gave his word to the employees.

Each department had the task of introducing itself as a team. The main aim was to build understanding across departments. There were PowerPoint presentations, live performances and very successful video presentations!

After a break, it was finally time for the special guest to be announced.

Manuel Siebs, from Drumevents, Trommelevents, also the husband of our colleague Tanja Siebs, introduced us to the world of drumming.
We had an incredible event with a lot of rhythm, fun and joy!
One or the other employee even had a hidden talent.

It was an unforgettable experience for all employees.

After the drumming, there was an aperitif in front of the community centre before the shuttle service took us to the forest lodge Huggenbrunnen.
The evening ended with a delicious barbecue buffet with a variety of meats, vegetables and salads.

Our managing director, Jörg Oskar Maier, would like to thank all employees of GRESSEL AG for this unforgettable event.

Also a big thank you to Manuel Siebs, Drumevents - Drumming in the Team, for the tactful instructions and the super passionate guidance!

Here you can see the movie

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