Clamping of "unshaped" parts: Casting, forging, flame cutting, additive manufactured parts

01 / 12 / 2021

Vices have always been used to clamp "rectangular" components such as cuboids, strips and rails. Pendulum jaws can also be used to clamp "slanted" components such as imprecise saw cuts. With the pocket technique, the negative shape of the component is milled into the usually soft jaws. This makes it possible to clamp almost any contour. However, a set of jaws is usually necessary for each component.

For more than 10 years, the field of application of machine vices has expanded considerably, in which the components are no longer clamped between the jaws, but "on" the jaws.  The vice is equipped with special carrier jaws. One of them can swing, and thus adapt to the contour of the workpiece.  Both the adapter and the pendulum jaw are equipped with several mounting holes for the GRESSEL 6-fold reversible jaws and alternatively for the 6-fold carbide-grip reversible jaws, similar to a breadboard. These in turn rotate on the adapter and the pendulum jaw.

The combination of pendulum jaws and the variable position of the rotating reversible jaws (which in turn offer 6 different clamping options) allows a very large number of geometries to be clamped for which fixtures otherwise tied to the workpiece would be necessary.

Do you have components that are not possible with "ordinary" clamping with the vice?

Ask our distribution engineers to check this on site or send us 3D data (.stp) and we will make you a clamping proposal.

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