Clamping technology Catalog 2020-2022

06 / 04 / 2021

With the new catalog for workpiece clamping technology and automated workpiece handling, we are continuing our tradition of providing comprehensive customer information in the form of a print edition. However, catalog issue no. 07, which is valid for the period from 2020 to 2022, not only provides a wealth of product and user information, but also offers you a new form of interactive communication! Namely, by scanning the respective QR codes, additional information as well as application videos and practical animations can be called up.

In the daily planning and production process, this brings real benefits in several ways, starting with the selection of suitable clamping elements to the design and the modular clamping system structure from the Gressel modular clamping technology system. Following the motto "Precision in Perfection", the new Gressel Clamping Technology Catalog 2020-2022 contains easy-to-understand as well as detailed information, data and pictures on all existing and new products in a clearly arranged design: Single Clamping Systems, Centric Clamping Systems, Multiple Clamping Systems, Clamping Variants (Zero Point Clamping Systems, Clamping Towers), Automation Solutions and Workshop Equipment.

Supplemented by the chapter "Clamping solutions from standard products" as well as by the more than 200 "Practical examples" alone, customers/users receive active support for their daily work with the interactive reference work. The new Gressel workholding catalog 2020-2022 is available in German and English and will be sent for free: katalog[at]

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