GRESSEL AG and SCHUNK Intec AG merge the clamping technology distribution in Switzerland

02 / 11 / 2021

In cooperation with GRESSEL, SCHUNK Intec and GRESSEL are merging the distribution team for clamping technology in Switzerland in order to bundle sales activities and to focus on the Swiss market.

The Clamping and Automation Days in September 2021 launched the merger of the clamping technology sales teams of SCHUNK Intec AG and GRESSEL AG in Switzerland. This is under the leadership of the new sales manager of the clamping technology team GRESSEL & SCHUNK Switzerland, Matthias Zünd. He is responsible for the sale of the complete clamping technology program of the two brands GRESSEL and SCHUNK in Switzerland. SCHUNK Intec AG has already relocated from Effretikon to the GRESSEL headquarters in Aadorf, which means that the clamping and automation technology competencies of both companies are now united at one location.

Description: SCHUNK Intec and GRESSEL will combine their clamping technology in Switzerland in the future. Martin Kluge, Managing Director of SCHUNK Intec AG, Markus Lau, Sales Manager of GRESSEL AG, Matthias Zünd, Sales Manager Switzerland GRESSEL & SCHUNK clamping technology and Jörg Maier, Managing Director of GRESSEL AG are glad about this fusion (from left).

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