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26 / 07 / 2021

Easier & faster and the best companies can save money!

At our customer, the Swiss Federal Railways SBB, in Hägendorf, where the Railway Technology Center Infrastructure is located, we were able to help the company achieve more profitability by means of a customized solution.

The first major project was contracted and implemented in 2019. Since then, our distribution engineer has been in regular contact and exchange with the customer.

It quickly became clear that the right choice of clamping equipment for a wide range of products was a challenge, which is why our sales engineer visited the customer in person.

In an initial customer meeting, the customer was presented with initial solutions for his requirements and at the same time the wide range of different clamps was discussed and compared.

The monitoring slides used to be machined in three operations by means of two NC vices. This meant that the machine operator was mainly busy at the machine and had to load and insert the workpieces by hand at approximately two-minute intervals.

The photo shows the reed control slide and the old clamping device.

Why be complicated and inconvenient when it can be simpler and faster?

Today, thanks to a 2-fold clamping pyramid 30° with three C2 80-130 centrice vices per side, SBB in Hägendorf can machine and produce the parts completely unmanned from all sides via pallet automation.

The customer was able to get the maximum out of the system, saving time and money and also having completely finished parts in the morning.

Feedback from our customer: As a customer, you don't even see the product variety of GRESSEL and the optimal clamping vice. As a customer, you can profit from this know-how. With today's machining of series parts, it is very important to have short changeover times so that one is flexible and can produce exactly what the customer wants. (Mr. Egli, Head of Mechanical Production)

From left to right on the photo are SBB CNC employee, Mr. Dominik Simoncic and Head of Mechanical Production, Mr. Walter Egli.

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