Machine vice gripos

19 / 07 / 2021

The success story of the GRESSEL machine vice gripos already began in 1991. At the EMO in Paris, the GRESSEL team presented their new machine vice gripos to the general public for the first time. After 30 years, the gripos is still the GRESSEL 3-axis machine vice with the well-known GRESSEL lever quick clamping within 160° and mechanical power cassette.

Record-breaking quick clamping
Unique, patented clamping with mechanical force amplification. Securely clamped with a lever movement of max. 160°.

Centered on the machine table
Compact, no cranking, no additional angle drive, therefore can be placed centrally on the machine table.

Rapid disassembly
Only a few components. Quickly aligned, positioned, disassembled and cleaned.

Modular and flexible
The modular design of gripos allows conversion to a wide range of variants and solves almost any clamping task.

Clamping principle machine vice gripos

In the mechanical force transmission element, hermetically encapsulated and installed under the fixed jaw, the clamping force is built up via the feed rod.
The base body is thus largely relieved of tension.
Once the clamping width is reached with the powerless feed spindle, it is sufficient to operate the clamping lever with a small angle of rotation up to the stop for controlled clamping of the workpieces. 

Functional principle machine vice gripos

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