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18 / 10 / 2021

Are you planning an innovative pallet automation system, but are you bothered by this mix of first & second side clamps, which come from several manufacturers and are therefore different systems?
This was exactly the situation faced by our customer from Lower Bavaria; the Teisnach plant of the Munich-based technology group Rohde und Schwarz.

An automation system was purchased here, the core of which is a Liebherr PHS 1500 Allround. This automation system is used to load Heller horizontal machines. The concept of pure OP10 clamps as well as separately selected OP20 clamps was actually as good as finished. However, we were able to fully impress the customer with our C2 basic clamping programme! The mix of high-precision C2 centric clamps and matching S2 fixed jaw clamps came at the right time. Everything from one source and also very flexible! As a finishing touch, special base jaws adapted by the customer were also supplied - and the basis was perfect. With the customer's own, very well thought-out pyramids, the machine interior was ideally matched to the components.

Our distribution engineer Sokha Hem with Paul Hauner (project manager - picture left) and Georg Kauschinger (head of "Milling Horizontal" - picture right) in front of the automation system.

Here the well planned pyramids equipped with C2 and S2.

To enable later automation of the clamping vices, all sizes have been equipped with standardised clamping wrench width at the actuation interface.

Multiple clamping with optimum accessibility

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