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06 / 08 / 2021

Just like the corporate slogan of our Daimler customer, Mercedes-Benz in Ludwigsfelde, we accepted the challenge of delivering something special. 

On 11.10.2018, our long-standing sales representative had his first meeting with the staff at Mercedes Benz. The task was to offer an optimal solution for the existing equipment of the DMU 50 with 0-point and clamping systems. With our innovative product range, we were able to prevail over previous competitors. At the beginning of 2019, our clamping technology products were purchased, including a gredoc NRS 6-fold 400x400, a 5-axis power clamp grepos 5X low and a centric clamp C2. Since the application of the clamping systems on the DMU 50 showed very good results, another 5-axis power clamp grepos-5X and a centric clamp C2 on console with gredoc were purchased in the same year.

The successful cooperation led to solutions being requested for another project at the end of 2019. This involves various clamping variants, which we were able to offer the customer (zero-point clamping system gredoc NRS, 5-axis power clamp grepos-5x and a clamping tower). This enquiry came directly to us because the customer was very satisfied with the first products and the clamping systems for the new system had to be compatible with those of the DMU 50 and perfectly matched to the requirements of the two machine tools.

The best was found. We provided our client with excellent support and advice every step of the way.

PS: We received the next project award at the end of autumn 2020 and are looking forward to the further challenges!


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