Workpiece Automation R-C2 offers new possibilities

26 / 07 / 2021

Do you also notice that the component variance keeps increasing and the batch size keeps decreasing?

The majority of your production orders are in the area of small series and one-off production? At the same time, the cost pressure in development remains unaffected?

Then we have the solution for you:

Our workpiece automation R-C2 offers new possibilities - it is a solution between pallet automation and robot direct loading, as our gripping clamp combines both. This means less setup effort and more flexibility.

In less than 2 minutes, this effective and innovative automation solution will be explained to you.

R-C2 explained

Almost always only the first page processing (5 pages) is automated (e.g. at night) and the 6th page is then processed manually the next day. Here you can see photos of GRESSEL production before we started working with our 6-page automation.

A big advantage of our R-C2 is that we can perform a 6-sided automation completely unmanned automatically with our GRESSEL 6-sided station. Here we have another good example video from our partner STS at the customer Baiertec in Bavaria.

STS RZ with Gressel transformer station

more about R-C2

product site R-C2

flyer R-C2



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