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14 / 06 / 2021

Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)
The FMS is similar to the pallet automation, but here there are usually more pallets available to produce more workpieces than in the pallet automation.  

We have a short product presentation video for our FMS Fastems system in Aadorf.
We will send you the link, please fill out our contact form and you will receive the link to the video.

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Our strength is that with our very large clamping technology modular system, we can offer every customer the absolute best clamping solution for the particular case. This clearly differentiates us from our competitors. Largest clamping technology program and almost 100 years of experience. GRESSEL, our clamping solutions always fit. Guaranteed.

For horizontal machines, we also have a large standard clamping tower program with over 60 variants in addition to the many clamping vices.

The best solution for every case of application. Multiple clamping on the left for 56 workpieces with small single clamps and multiple clamping on the right with multiple clamping devices multigrip.

When it comes to clamping solutions, we can really take advantage of everything. Great experience in almost 100 years of company history and a strong technical team with employees who have been with us for many years. GRESSEL clamping solutions have been in use worldwide for decades.

Here two examples with combination standard program and clamping solution.

At the end of the FMS Automation we have here solutions where you can see the great advantage of our large clamping technology program very well. This customer always produces the OP10 (unmachined part machining) in the C2 center clamping vice and the OP20 (finished part machining) in the SC2 fixed jaw clamping. This means that every time he opens the door at the setup station, completely finished workpieces come down. This results in great advantages in the entire logistics and also in the relevant order speed.


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