Zero point clamping system


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doubble dash gressel

With our Zero point clamping system gredoc

Flat and, with an overall height of only 30 mm, mechanical zero point clamping system with a solid locating pin and high pull-in force of 20 kN per locating pin. Clamping is mechanical in four versions, 1-fold module round and angular, 2-fold and 3-fold module angular.

Flat zero point clamping system height 30 mm

Solid locating pin ᴓ40h6/ᴓ25h6

Precise and strong - repeatability < 0.01 mm and pull-in force 20 kN

Multiple options for machine table mounting

Anti-rotation 2x 90⁰ with only 1 locating bolt

Mechanical clamping - no air or hydraulic connection necessary

Clearances for easy cleaning and high rigidity

Advantages that
will inspire you

✓ Fast, cant-free and positionally accurate setup
easy and quick replacement 
no tilting 
repeatability < 0.01 mm

✓ Flat zero point clamping system
insensitive to chips and cooling lubricants
Clearances for easy cleaning, higher tilting rigidity

✓ Massive locating pin
Locating bolt mountable from above and below 
Pin centering Ø25 H7, compatible with the leading zero point clamping systems

Zero point clamping system gredoc

doubble dash gressel

Low, precise
and cost effective

The locating pin is pressed by the clamping bolt into the precisely fitting half shell (polygon). The locating pin is thus positioned accurately in the X / Y direction. At the same time, the locating pin is pulled downwards by the retraction slope with 20 kN.

1 Clamping screw | 2 Clamping bolt | 3 Locating hole

doubble dash gressel

Gressel Zero point clamping system gredoc in action