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The idea of the Gressel Clamping technology
Construction kit

With pallet automation, the batch size is limited to the number of pallets. However, almost everything can be clamped manually on the pallets, even larger workpieces. With FMS (Fertigung-Manufacturing-Systems) or pallet handling systems, it is similar. Here, however, more pallets are usually available in order to be able to produce more parts. With clamping solutions from GRESSEL for multi-part machining with multiple clamps, pyramids and clamping towers, the machine runtimes per pallet can be significantly increased and thus guarantee a long unmanned machine runtime.

Why did GRESSEL develop a workholding modular system?

Pallet automation requires new clamping devices:

  • Pallet dimensions (320 × 320 / 400 × 400 / 500 × 500 mm)
  • Pallets max. weights due to robot handling
  • Machining height in the machine
  • Price for clamping technology (several pallets)
  • lower pallet weights due to robot handling

Criteria for selecting the optimum clamping method:

  • Workpiece
  • Material
  • Shape, dimension, weight
  • Surface
  • Machining process / machine
  • Sequence of machining operations
  • Accuracies and tolerances
  • Tool accessibility
  • Piece numbers & batch sizes

Centric vise C2

C2 125 L-300
on pallet 320 x 320 mm

Single clamping vise S2

S2 125 L-362
on pallet 400 x 400 mm

Double vise D2

D2 125 L-460
on pallet 500 x 500 mm

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3 Product groups and
over 350 possible combinations

Our modular system is proven:

  • high clamping forces – no additional work step with pre-stamping necessary
  • Simple and practical operation of the clamping devices
  • shortest set-up times
  • excellent price-performance ratio

Jaw width

80 mm

125 mm

160 mm

Centric vise C2

Single vise S2

Double vise D2

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Gressel Pallet automation in action
at our customers

When FLEXIBILITY is important! Our zero point clamping system in use at our customer Hohner Maschinenbau GmbH. Quick and easy conversion of the clamping task with the GRESSEL gredoc zero point clamping system. With HERMLE’s pallet automation, the various clamping devices are positioned directly in the machine with the zero-point clamping system and are ready for machining.

Our customer CNC-Service Eisemann achieves a significant increase in machine running times with the zero-point clamping system!

“The use of GRESSEL zero point clamping systems offer us the highest flexibility, short set-up times, quick changeover of the clamping situation, allocation of production orders within the complete machine park and an increase in productivity due to high machine running times. Overall, the zero-point clamping system offers us a significant increase in machine runtimes and other significant benefits.”
Feedback, Steffen Eisemann, CNC Service Eisemann

Pallet automation in practice at our customer Rhode & Schwarz

Pallet automation at our customer Schubert Fertigungstechnik GmbH.

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Examples Pallet automation
from practice

Double clamp D2

D2 80 L-300
on EROWA Pallet 320 × 320 mm

Centric vise C2

C2 125 L-160
on gredoc 2-fold pyramid and pallet 630 × 630 mm

5-axis clamping vise SC5X

SC5X L-630
on machines pallet 630 × 630 mm

5-axis force clamping vise grepos-5X

on pallet 400 × 400 mm

3-fold pyramid C3

C3 L-80
on EROWA Pallet 320 × 320 mm

4-fold pyramid C2

C2 80 L-130
gredoc 3-fold pyramid on a gredoc NRS plate 400 × 400 mm mounted on the machine pallet

Centric vise C2

C2 80 EROWA ITS 148
Tensioner directly integrated in EROWA pallet

Centric vise C2

C2 80 L1-90
at HÄBERLE Automation

Centric vise C2 & solinos

C2 & solinos 65-4V
on pallet 400 x 400 mm

Multiple clamping vise M1

M1 90 L-400
on SCHUNK pallet 400 x 400 mm

Multiple clamping vise multigrip

on gredoc angular 3-fold EROWA pallet 630 × 630 mm

individual clamping solutions

with quick change extensions on a machine pallet 1000 × 1000 mm


Cross tombstone
with C2 125 L-160 and mold jaws

individual clamping solutions

Cube tombstone
with S2 125 L-740 and separate fixed jaws