5-axis force vice grepos-5X


Power-amplified 5-axis clamping vise - Clamping system for optimized 5-axis machining

The power-amplified 5-axis grepos-5X clamping vise, with its special structure, ensures optimal accessibility for the “genuine” 5-axis complete/simultaneous machining. Workpieces are clamped within seconds with its levered quick clamping, which also prevents bending of the base body. The clamping force for this is infinitely adjustable.  The enables the flexible adjustment of the clamping module to a wide variety of clamping tasks. Due to the gredoc interface, the grepos-5X clamping module offers a range of versatile combination options with GRESSELs extensive gredoc – mechanical zero point clamping system GRESSEL - modular system.

✓ Quick lever clamping
Easy, quick, and secure workpiece clamping

✓ Encapsulated force transmission box
Dirt-resistant, smoothly running force transmission

✓ Continuous clamping force adjustment
Simple and fast adjustment of the clamping force, from 10 – 100%

✓ 5-axis clamping vise
Optimal tool accessibility from 5 sides

5-Axis CNC Machining the Blaser Balloon

CNC-Technik Heil GmbH - 5 Achs Fräsen auf DMG Mori DMU 95 monoBLOCK 5 Axis Milling

GRESSEL grepos-5X-S (during milling)

  • quick resetting – change the setting over theentire clamping range in a few seconds

  • fast positioning with gredoc on the machine table without intermediate plate

  • Clamping force gradually adjustable 4 – 40 kN
  • 160° rapid clamping

  • Turning jaws – easy and quick jaw change with 4 screws

  • easy cleaning, spindle completely protected

  • extensive modular jaw program

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