6-side station R-C2

Workpiece 6-sided machining unmanned

You want to go one step further with our R-C2? Produce workpieces flexibly on all 6 sides completely unmanned? Then simply combine our R-C2 module with our patented 6-sided GRESSEL R-C2 station.

All in one - OP 10 and OP 20
OP 10 and OP 20 in one run. This is available in this form and quality only from GRESSEL.

✓ 6-page processing
Machining 6 sides in one automatic operation without an operator means faster production and more finished parts.

✓ 6-sided complete machining Benefit
- simplification of logistics
- less storage space
- longer machine running times with the same storage size
- greater flexibility

R-C2 saves time and money

Result for you: better return on investment and ROI of the plant

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