Machine vices automatic


For semi-automatic and fully automatic operation
It couldn’t be simpler! You use our single vice with hydraulic actuation in combination with your existing infrastructure. Suitable for fully and semi-automatic operation. We offer clamping systems in various dimensions as well as a pneumohydraulic pressure booster that will generate strong oil pressure with the help of your compressed air. We supply the complete package – including the right accessories.

  • large selection of clamping devices
  • Jaw widths of 65, 100, 125 and 160
  • Mechanical jaw adjustment without resetting

  • adjustable working range from 50 to 300 bar
  • Pressure gauge for manual control
  • potential-free pressure switch for integration in an automated control system
  • Self-preservation in the case of loss of network pressure
  • Oil reservoir with oil level indicator

  • Complete packages in all jaw widths
  • Complete packages, also individually put together with several clamping devices

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