Workpiece automation R-C2

GRESSEL RC-2 - 1st gripping centric vice worldwide!

In less than 2 minutes, the effective and innovative automation solution will be explained to you.

Do you know these problems?


• Do you produce many different workpieces in small to medium batch sizes?

• Are you looking for flexible and simple automation?

• Do you want your employees to spend as little time as possible on time-consuming set-up and dismantling operations on the automation system?

• You want to manufacture workpieces flexibly on all 6 sides completely unmanned?

We have the solution for YOU:

100% flexible
Workpiece automation









GRESSEL R-C2 grips, clamps and converts.
Reduce your staff hours.
Less time at the automation means more time for other tasks and thus higher productivity of your employees.

Without changeovers or conversions, the GRESSEL R-C2 grips different products and feeds them safely and quickly to the machining process. No set-up times, no additional work steps, no programming effort.

The reliable GRESSEL clamping technology combined with the highest degree of automation.

This is our milling machine workpiece automation R-C2

✓ highest flexibility 
✓ highest productivity 
✓ maximum economic efficiency 
✓ 6-sided machining 

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Customer statement

Mr. Wayne Humpeler

Senior management
Stanztech Fertigungskompetenz GmbH

Our experience with the R-C2 from GRESSEL has been very positive. The clamping and set-up times are much shorter, which is certainly the biggest change. With this workpiece automation and the associated new robot system, we are much more flexible and time-optimised when machining. We would recommend the clamping system to anyone who has to manufacture flexibly due to a wide variety of workpieces. We are really very satisfied and the after-sales support leaves nothing to be desired.

Mr. Karlheinz Baier

Senior Management
Karlheinz Baier GmbH

The key difference is that with the OP 20 (second operation) we get a finished part out of the machine and do not have to pick up the part again as before.

Application report

  • Stanztech Fertigungskompetenz GmbH

    GROB 5-axis machine G-350 with our flexible workpiece automation GRESSEL R-C2 in a Cellro Xcelerate automation.
    Successfully from 0 to 100 in automated workpiece handling...

Our R-C2 automation in use by our customer

At the company Stanztech Fertigungskompetenz GmbH

Are you looking for more information?

  • Workpiece automation R-C

    Flexible batch size production with a high variety of parts
    For industrial production, we have developed a system that simplifies your work many times over.
    Because the GRESSEL centric clamps can grip from now on!

  • 6-side station R-C2

    Complete 6 sides of production
    You want to go one step further with our GRESSEL R-C2?
    Manufacture workpieces completely unmanned on all 6 sides?

  • R-C2 with media coupling

    Your CNC machine does not have a rotary union in the machine table? But you still want to automate your machine? No problem! With the GRESSEL R-C2 with media coupling and the VERO-S console incl. media coupling you can automate without media feedthroughs in the table. An expensive retrofitting of your CNC machine of your CNC machine.

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