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doubble dash gressel

With our wedge clamping elements

The multiple clamping system to be able to clamp even more workpieces on the machine table, clamping tower, pyramids, pallets …. The wedge clamps KSE can be installed in own clamping solutions and fixtures.

seven different clamping jaws

Clamping screw M8 (10 + 15 kN) and M12 (30 kN)

Clamping wedge with hardened wedge surfaces

Return spring inside (no chip accumulation)

Advantages that will
inspire you

✓ High clamping forces
Hardened wedge surfaces
High clamping forces of 10 or 30 kN

✓ Return spring protected from chips
internal = no contamination problems with chips
internal = no risk of damage

✓ Modular system
7 different sizes 
Extensive range of jaws

✓ Various clamping screws

doubble dash gressel

Our designs

Keilspannelement KSE
als Backenrohling mit glatter Spannfläche
Keilspannelement KSE
mit glatter Spannfläche und Befestigungsgewinde M4
Keilspannelement KSE
auf Mehrfachspanner multigrip


Functional principle of the KSE wedge clamping element

Workpieces are clamped with an Allen key or torque wrench. By turning the clamping screw to the right, the middle clamping wedge is moved downwards. The two clamping jaws slide outwards through the wedge shape and clamp the workpieces. When the clamping screw is loosened, the center clamping wedge is returned to its original position by an internal return spring.

Clamping forces KSE

BaugrösseMax. Anzugs-DrehmomentMax. Spannkraft
KSE 21 mit Spannschraube M815 Nm10 kN
KSE 25 bis 50 mit Spannschraube M820 Nm15 kN
KSE 40 bis 50 mit Spannschraube M1270 Nm30 kN

Mounting / Function

The KSEs have a central clamping screw. This is used both for mounting and for applying the clamping force. Mounting is done by screwing the clamping screw through the through hole in the KSE into a corresponding threaded hole on the fixture. As soon as the screw head is in contact, the clamping process starts. When the clamping screw is screwed in steadily, the base body moves downward and drives the two clamping jaws outward. The maximum clamping width is reached when the base body rests on the clamping device.

Wedge Clamping Element KSE
Multiple clamping on grid plate

Wedge clamping element KSE
Clamping on pallet ᴓ148 mm, clamped on zero point clamping system gredoc

Wedge clamping element KSE
in the multigrip multiple clamping device

Wedge clamping element KSE
in the M1 multiple clamp

Wedge clamping element KSE
Clamping on pallet ᴓ148 mm, clamped on gredoc 5-axis pyramid

Wedge clamping elements

doubble dash gressel

Gressel pull-down kit NZS

The KSE wedge clamps can be installed in your own clamping solutions and fixtures. It is also feasible to use them on our multigrip as a multiple clamping device in order to flexibly clamp as many workpieces as possible on the clamping rail.

Pull-down kit (NZS)


Wedge clamping element KSE


KSE with pull-down kit (NZS)