CAD-Data Clamping vises

Simple & quick.

As an additional service, we provide you with technically detailed information, product data sheets and CAD data of our clamping devices free of charge. You can conveniently, quickly and easily access the required product information for CAD.

3D-CAD models

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Quickly and conveniently download CAD data from our products and save valuable time in the production simulation process. Integrate the 3D data of our clamping device products into your program in just a few steps. You do not have a login yet? Simply go to the CAD library and click on “Create access” at the top right. Once you have registered, you can download all the data you want.
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Your benefits

  • Time-saving, direct download of all GRESSEL clamping technology products
  • Easy product selection analogous to the GRESSEL print catalog
  • Preview function with product render image and 3D graphic
  • Available in all common 3D file formats
  • Free use after one-time registration


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quick and easy
CAD-Data download

Engineering/design, manufacturing, assembly, product management, procurement, shipping, project management or sales: The tasks at GRESSEL are as diverse as the clamping solutions offered. GRESSEL AG is a successful and established Swiss SME with over 80 employees based in Aadorf. We are a member of SWISSMEM and are subject to the CLA of the machine, electrical and metal industry (valid for Switzerland).

1. Access Partcommunity

Partcommunity Homepage GRESSEL AG

2. Login
Create access

  • click on “Create access” at the top right
Create access

3. Enter access data

  • Enter registration information
  • Confirm license terms
  • Create access
create free access

4. Confirmation email

  • Confirmation email will be sent to you
  • follow the instructions of the e-mail
  • Activate access via link
  • Login: E-mail address + password
Login with the created access data

5. Select GRESSEL product

  • Right column: “CAD model selection” select the desired model
Model selection

6. Configure product

  • Click on the article number of the desired model, then advanced settings can be made (clamping range, jaw selection, etc.).
Product configuration

7. Generate preview

  • Right column: Generate preview for current part
Configuration of the product

8. Generate CAD model / PDF data sheet

  • Generate and download CAD model or PDF data sheet
  • If desired, a quotation can be requested directly.
Generate model and datasheet