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with our single vice solinos

The solinos single clamp is a specially developed single clamp for small parts. The basic principle is based on a fully enclosed spindle drive via which the jaws are quickly and easily brought into the desired clamping position. The fixed jaw clamp is ideally suited for finished part clamping, also in pallet automation. The solinos 65 and 100 are also available as hydraulically controlled variants for workpiece automation.

Modular system

Adjustment of clamping range

High accuracy - fixed jaw clamp

Completely encapsulated

Workpiece supportsfor OP20

Compact design for pallet automation

Advantages that
will inspire you

✓ Spindle encapsulated
dirt-resistant and low-maintenance clamping device

✓ Mechanical and hydraulic variant
solinos 65 and solinos 100 are available in mechanical and also in hydraulically controlled versions

✓ Compact design
ideal for towers and multiple pallets

✓ Comprehensive jaw program
Optimal adaptation to new clamping tasks

doubble dash gressel

Our designs

solinos 40-4V-IT
Monoblock tower with 4 solinos 40 for multiple voltage
solinos 65-4V-IT
Monoblock tower with 4 solinos 65 for multiple voltage
solinos 65-H / 100-H
hydraulically controlled version

single vice solinos
Important data at a glance

SizeClamping forceDimensions (Base Body)Clamping range maxWeight
solinos 400 – 12 kN132 x 40 x 40 mm 0 – 122 mm 1.7 kg
solinos 650 – 20 kN180 x 65 x 60 mm 0 – 174 mm5.5 kg
solinos 65-H 0 – 20 kN180 x 65 x 60 mm 0 – 174 mm5.5 kg
solinos 1000 – 40 kN240 x 100 x 75 mm0 – 243 mm11.3 kg
solinos 100-H0 – 40 kN240 x 100 x 75 mm0 – 243 mm11.3 kg

Three clamping options

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The right clamping device
for their tasks

The solinos offers the following options for mounting on the machine table integrated in the single clamp. Optional: positioning and mounting holes on customer request.
Clamping with screws Alignment by dowel pins and positioning sets and clamping with screws through the base body
Clamping with clamping claws Lateral clamping with clamping claws
Alignment and mounting solinos 40 and 65 can be clamped with an intermediate plate on the GRESSEL zero point clamping system gredoc and the solinos 100 directly with a tightening bolt.
doubble dash gressel

Gressel single vice solinos in action

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