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With our
Workpiece automation R-C2

Flexiblebatch size production with high part variety

The R-C2 workpiece automation is the solution between pallet automation and robot direct loading, as the GRESSEL vise automation combines both advantages. This means much less setup effort and much more flexibility.

…R-C2 is the next logical step in milling machine automation!

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Vise automation
without setup/changeover time

Do your workpieces fit?

If your workpieces (max. 225 x 225 x 225 mm) can be clamped with the GRESSEL R-C2 vises, completely new possibilities open up to reduce the costs per workpiece.

Details about the R-C2 centering vises can be found in our catalogue.

Small batch sizeand unmannedproduction at night?

With an R-C2 automation, the operator can work extremely efficiently during the day without waiting time losses and build up work stock (run-in workpieces, blanks in the magazine, set-up tools) in the automation. This work stock is processed by the machine during the day and also unattended at night.

Great advantages with the R-C2 workpiece automation!

With the R-C2 system, we have succeeded in combining the advantages of workpiece direct loading and pallet automation.

  • in the magazine the workpiece
    gripped and clamped
  • the clamp with the workpiece is placed in the machine like
    a pallet into the zero point clamping system.

This achieves three effects:
✓ the machine produces significantly more workpieces
✓ the time required of the operator at the automation decreases
✓ the setup times are significantly minimized

1 Vise automation - clamp and pallet automation in one

Robot clamping module R-C2 from GRESSEL

Fully automatic clamping range adjustment 0 - 226 mm

Fully automatic clamping force adjustment up to 30 kN

Centering clamp R-C2 80 L-140 & L-190 and R-C2 125 L-160 & L-235

Advantages that will
inspire you

GRESSEL R-C2 saves time and money!

Reduction in employee hours
R-C2 does everything by itself. Reduce employee hours at the machine and automation. Less time at the fixture means more time for other tasks and thus higher productivity of your employees.

Unmanned milling machine automation
The proven GRESSEL clamping technology combined with the highest level of CNC automation. That is our GRESSEL R-C2. The result for you: maximum productivity and economic efficiency that is a pleasure to use.

✓ Clamps different products
Without changeovers or conversions, the R-C2 grips different products and feeds them safely and quickly to the machining process. No changeover times, no additional work steps.

6-sided machining unmanned
Werkstück komplett fertigen auf allen 6 Seiten und das völlig automatisch und mannlos.

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Our designs

R-C2 Clamping module with media transfer
for machines without rotary union in the machine table
VERO-S consoles for 3-axis and 5-axis machines
6 sides station GRESSEL for workpiece complete production
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Workpiece automation R-C2
with media transfer

Automation without media feed-through in the machine table

Your CNC machine does not have a rotary union in the machine table? But you still want to automate your machine? No problem! With the GRESSEL R-C2 module incl. media coupling and the VERO-S console incl. media coupling you can automate without media feed-throughs in the table. You are thus spared an expensive retrofit of your CNC machine.

Simple retrofitting ofworkpiece automation
You can easily retrofit your existing machine with automation, since you do not need a media feed-through in the machine table.

✓ 6 pages of workpiece automation
With the R-C2 module incl. media coupling and the VERO-S console incl. media coupling in combination with the GRESSEL 6-sided station R-C2, you can produce complete workpieces unmanned.

✓ Highest productivity and maximum efficiency
Reliable GRESSEL clamping technology combined with the highest degree of automation. That is our R-C2! The result for you: Highest productivity and maximum economic efficiency, which is a pleasure.

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World innovation:
6-sided production without set-up time

Workpiece 6 sides Machining unmanned

You want to go one step further with our R-C2? Produce workpieces flexibly on all 6 sides completely unmanned? Then simply combine our R-C2 module with our patented 6-sided GRESSEL R-C2 station.

✓ All in one – OP 10 and OP 20
OP 10 and OP 20 in one run. This is available in this form and
quality only from GRESSEL.

✓ 6-page machining
Machining 6 sides in one automatic operation without an operator means
faster production and more finished parts.

✓ 6 sides complete machining Benefit
– Simplification of logistics
– less storage space
– longer machine running times with the same storage size
– higher flexibility

The vise for OP 20 is inserted

The vise of OP 10 is positioned above it

Workpiece transfer with pressure finger for clean parallel workpiece support OP 20

Workpiece for OP 20 is clamped and pressure finger moves up after the R-C2 clamping module has clamped the workpiece fully automatically

5 sides automation example

6 sides automation example

Workpiece automation R-C2

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Zero point clamping system gredoc NSS with media transfer

The wedge clamps KSE can be installed in own clamping solutions and fixtures. It is also possible to use our multi clamping multigrip as a multi clamping device in order to flexibly clamp as many workpieces as possible on the clamping rail.
Plunger closed when not actuated
Machine specific center pivot

In combination with zero point clamping system gredoc NSS with media transfer.

You want to go one step further with our R-C2? For example, automate the machine during the day or use it manually for single orders? Then simply combine your R-C2 automation with our zero point clamping system plate gredoc NSS with media transfer and you can easily work automatically or manually on the gredoc NSS plate and all this with almost no changeover times.

Recommended pin assignment:

FunctionConnection specification
Open max. 6 bar
Turbomax. 6 bar
Cleaning cone and support insidemax. 6 bar
Slider query openmax. 2 bar

Certificates and awards

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Innovative solution
Workpiece automation R-C2

2. Platz Award EMO 2019
2. Platz SMM Award 2021
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Gressel Workpiece automation gripos in action

Video Playlist
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Werkstücke komplett fertigen auf allen 6 Seiten
Werkstücke komplett fertigen auf allen 6 Seiten
Automation R-C2 GRESSEL & PROMRO
Automation R-C2 GRESSEL & PROMRO
R-C2 – Modul mit Medienkopplung
R-C2 – Modul mit Medienkopplung
Flexible und einfache Automatisierung
Flexible und einfache Automatisierung
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