Customer proximity.

Your contact persons

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Good service
Starts with good consultation

Make an appointment with our experienced clamping technology experts. Our employees and our sales partners will be happy to take the time to answer your questions and provide you with competent and comprehensive advice. You can save the contact details of our sales engineers directly via the QR code in your smartphone. Simply hover your mouse over the desired sales engineer and scan the QR code. For all other questions, our other contact persons are also very happy to help you.
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Your distribution engineers

Andreas Brunhofer

Product Specialist Automation

Reiner Hartmann

Distribution engineer

GER North / East, NL

Sokha Hem

Distribution engineer

GER South, AT, CZ, SK, PL, CR, GB

Markus Lau

Head of sales

Bernhard Rösch

Key Account & Project Management

Distribution engineer GER South

Frank Scheurer

Distribution engineer

GER South, RUS

Klaus Thut

Distribution engineer

GER South / Middle, NL, BE, LU

Matthias Zünd

Head of sales GRESSEL & SCHUNK


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Your contact persons

Sabrina Bütikofer

Management Assistant / Apprentice Supervisor

Expertise for you.

Contact with our customers is important to us. GRESSEL distribution engineers are therefore happy to be on site at the customer’s premises and pass on their knowledge by providing advice, commissioning, training and instruction. All customers and partners are welcome at our new training and tech center in Aadorf at any time.