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With our
Machine vise gripos

The griposquick clamp was developed as a solution for almost every clamping task in manufacturing and automation. Universality and flexibility in daily use are its special features. Thanks to the modularsystem and compatible components and accessories, the gripos can be easily and quickly set up and converted.

gripos Teilschnitt frei

Varied jaw program

Controlled clamping force from 10 - 100% continuously adjustable

Trouble-free clamping (chips do not jam)

Lever quick clamping 160°

Wear-resistant and precise base body

Coolant drain

Clamping force via drawbar

Encapsulated force cartridge

Easy removal of the spinel assembly

Advantages that will
inspire you

✓ Reducing setup and non-productive times
Quick clamping in a matter of seconds. Positioning with free access

✓ Easy daily handling
Fast cleaning due to simple disassembly of the complete spindle unit

✓ Extensive GRESSEL jaw program
Over 80 available top jaws

✓ Use on zero-point clamping system
Fast positioning with the mechanical
Zero-point clamping system GRESSEL gredoc

✓ Use in machine tools automation
all gripos variants are also available in hydraulic version

doubble dash gressel

Our designs

gripos standard
with block jaws height 40 mm
5A-VS = 5-axis jaws and increased clamping range
gripos tension towers 2V / 4V
Product tower with 2 gripos / 4 gripos
hydraulically controlled for automation

Machine vise gripos
Important data at a glance

SizeClamping forceDimensions (Base Body)Clamping range maxWeight
gripos 1004 – 30 kN305 x 100 x 75 mm0 – 245 mm20 kg
gripos 1254 – 40 kN390 x 125 x 100 mm0 – 307 mm 35 kg
gripos 1604 – 40 kN530 x 160 x 115 mm0 – 426 mm 70 kg
gripos 125-H5 – 40 kN390 x 125 x 100 mm0 – 307 mm 35 kg
gripos 160-H12 – 70 kN530 x 160 x 115 mm0 – 426 mm 70 kg

Three clamping options

doubble dash gressel

The right clamping device
for your tasks

The gripos offers the following options for fastening to the machine table integrated in the machine vise. Optional: positioning and mounting holes on customer request.
Clamping with 2 fitting screws Ø12f7/M12 (gripos 100) or Ø16g5/M16 (gripos 125 / 160)
Alignment by precision sliding blocks 20H7 in the base body and clamping with clamping claws
Alignment and clamping with zero point clamping system GRESSEL gredoc
doubble dash gressel

Gressel Machine vise gripos in action

Video Playlist
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GRESSEL gripos (during milling)
GRESSEL gripos (during milling)
GRESSEL gripos Maschinenschraubstock / gripos machine vice
GRESSEL gripos Maschinenschraubstock / gripos machine vice
GRESSEL gripos
GRESSEL gripos