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With our tombstones

GRESSEL tombstones in five different designs and versions increasethe machine running times of horizontal machining centers and pallet automations many times over. They are ideally suited for mounting on 400 and 500 mm pallets and for equipping with GRESSEL clamping technology. Due to their stable hollow body design, they have a high rigidity with good vibration damping.

Gressel tension towers

Standard base plates ᴓ260, ᴓ320, 300 x 300, 400 x 400, 500 x 500

Double angle, cube, triangle towers, cross or octagon towers, product tombstones

Standard clamping tombstones mounted with gredoc mechanical zero point clamping system (cost-effective, as no air or hydraulics are required)

Stable body construction

Advantages that will
will inspire you

✓ Stable hollow body design
High stiffness with good vibration damping

✓ Made of cast iron
EN-GJL-250 – for maximum cutting performance

✓ Clamping surfaces
finely milled: Ra 1.6

✓ High basic precision
Perpendicularity to base plate: 0.01 mm to 200 mm

✓ All tombstones
with centering ᴓ50H6

✓ Product towers
with single clamps gripos, S2 and solinos, double clamps D2, multiple clamps M1 and multigrip

✓ Rigging towers
with mechanical zero point clamping system gredoc round and gredoc square 1-fold and 2-fold

doubble dash gressel

Our versions

Spanning Towers Cross/Octagonal Tower
raw, GRESSEL grid, grid 50, with gredoc
Clamping towers double angle
raw, GRESSEL grid, grid 50, with gredoc
Tension towers triangle tower
raw, GRESSEL grid, grid 50, with gredoc
Spanning towers cube
raw, GRESSEL grid, grid 50
Product tension towers
Single clamp solinos, gripos, S2, double clamp D2, multiple clamp multigrip, M1
doubble dash gressel

Tombstones Gressel
Important data at a glance

Positioning of the clamping towers on the machine table All clamping towers are prepared with standard interfaces and fit on pallets of size 400 mm and 500 mm for machine tools according to DIN 55 201 and JIS 6337-1980. Other interfaces can be manufactured on request.

Interface double angle

Interface triangle

Interface Cross and octagon

Interface cube

Interface product tombstone
(JIS 6337-1980 Edge Locator Montage)

Mount clamping devices

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Mounting the GRESSEL Clamping Vise on the tombstones

Easy mounting of all GRESSEL clamping devices provided with fitting holes: of all GRESSEL clamping devices provided with fitting holes:
  • Double vise D2, Multiple vise multigrip, Multiple vise M1, Machine vise gripos, Single vise S2
  • by means of fitting screws ᴓ12/M12, these can be positioned and fastened directly to the rigging tower
doubble dash gressel

Gressel Tombstones in action

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GRESSEL Tombstone 4V
GRESSEL Tombstone 4V
GRESSEL Tombstones EN
GRESSEL Tombstones EN
GRESSEL Paletten-Automation im Einsatz
GRESSEL Paletten-Automation im Einsatz
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