Zero point system construction kit


Your benefits

doubble dash gressel

With our zero point system construction kit

Consoles as substructure for 5-axis machines. Multi-adapter pallets as ready-made pallets for the flexible use of several clamping systems and the gredoc collet chuck for high-precision contour clamping.

Gressel Baukasten gredoc

Aluminum consoles hard anodized

Zero point clamping system gredoc angular 1-fold

Centring vise C2 125 L-160

Advantages that will
inspire you

✓ 5-axis elevation
Increase accessibility on 5-axis machines

 ✓ Multiple tensions to increase machine runtime
Multi-adapter plates 1-fold, 2-fold and 4-fold for multiple voltages

✓ gredoc Collet chuck – Tensioning of the workpieces due to deformation 
Simple and precise clamping system for machined, round, cubic and bulky workpieces

doubble dash gressel

Gressel zero point clamping system
construction kit gredoc
in action