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With our single vise S2

GRESSEL single clamping vise S2 with fixed jaw are especially suitable for use in automatedmachine loading. They score with a quick adjustment of the clamping range, flat design and low weight – perfect prerequisites for use in palletautomation.

High clamping force and largeclamping range

High precision – Repeat accuracy ± 0.01 mm

Lever quick clamping with torque wrench

GRESSEL modular clamping jaws program

precise und wear resistant base body

Easy mounting on machine table or pallet

Advantages that will
inspire you

✓ perfect for automation – extremely flat design
for maximum utilization of the machine room and for optimized total pallet weight

✓ Quick clamping via torque wrench
Simple, fast and safe clamping of the workpiece

✓ Tension on train
No deflection of the base body during clamping, i.e. no intermediate plate necessary for clamping

Extensive jaw program
, optimal adaptation to new clamping tasks with the complete C2.0 / S2 / D2 system jaw program and the GRESSEL top jaws.

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Our designs

S2 80
with reversible jaws grip 3 mm and smooth clamping surface
S2 125
with reversible jaws grip width 65 mm

Single vise S2
Important data at a glance

SizeClamping forceDimensions (Base Body)Clamping range maxWeight
S2 80 L-2140 – 25 kN214 x 80 x 55 mm0 – 192 mm5 kg
S2 125 L-3620 – 40 kN362 x 125 x 60 mm0 – 308 mm15 kg
S2 125 L-7400 – 40 kN740 x 125 x 60 mm66 – 682 mm30 kg
S2 160 L-4800 – 50 kN480 x 160 x 70 mm0 – 434 mm28 kg

Three clamping options

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The right clamping device
for your tasks

The S2 offers the following options for mounting on the machine table integrated in the single clamp. Optional: positioning and mounting holes on customer request.
Clamping with fitting screw all variants can be fixed with screws through the base body
Alignment through precision sliding blocks all variants can be fastened with clamping claws
Alignment and mounting with zero point clamping system GRESSEL gredoc (1-3 mounting bolts) Optional: positioning and mounting holes on customer request
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Gressel single vice S2 in action

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