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How we make a vise?

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We guide you
Through our production

We are happy to organize a tour of our production for clubs, companies or other interested parties. The duration of the factory tour is about 2 hours incl. presentation of the GRESSEL Academy.

A visit that is worthwhile – we look forward to welcome you in Aadorf.

Company tours

So that we can arrange an appointment with you as soon as possible, please fill out the contact form below. Please let us know the desired date, time and number of people.

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We are there for you: be it product- or training-related. Both must generate added value for you to achieve success. Our training courses with a high practical relevance are designed in such a way that you can optimally integrate what you have learned into your everyday work with little time expenditure. The program includes many gripping as well as diverse practical examples so that you can get even more out of your GRESSEL clamping equipment! The GRESSEL Academy offers you several options for optimal and individual training.