GRESSEL Workpiece supports

doubble dash gressel

Quick placed and safe hold

The practical everyday helpers for workpiece complete production OP 10 (blank) and OP 20 (finished part).

The hardened and ground workpiece supports are not simply placed on the workpiece support in the clamping system, but are precisely guided in a finely milled groove and fixed with a spring. They are thus firmly mounted on the clamping system and secured against slipping or tipping over.

To move the workpiece supports, they only need to be slightly rotated radially. The workpiece supports are then released and can be freely positioned on the clamping system.


Magnetic workpiece sets

Exclusively for GRESSEL clamping devices with clearance on the underside

  • Magnets mechanically immersed instead of glued in place
  • flexible and efficient clamping
  • stainless spring steel burnished
  • height accuracy ± 0.01 mm
  • material thickness 2.5 mm